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Why you need a Pellet Stove Vacuum as opposed to a regular vacuum

A pellet stove vacuum is superior to a regular vacuum when it comes to cleaning out these stoves for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are on average far more powerful. You will find that a pellet stove vacuum usually has at least one horsepower more power behind it than the typical regular household vacuum. When you are looking for a vacuum to clean out the ash left behind in your pellet stove, you will want one that has great suctioning ability and can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • The fact is that a vast majority of regular vacuums cannot clean up ash with the speed and effectiveness that actual pellet stove vacuums can. There are a number of things to look for when going about selecting a certain vacuum to clean this type of stove out, including how powerful it is. A pellet stove vacuum with two horsepower is a good choice because you will know that it has the ability to clean up large amounts of ash in a very short period of time.
  • There is nothing worse than having a vacuum that is slow and inefficient, especially when you are busy and need to get a lot of household chores done before the day is over. When you start looking around online, you will quickly discover that there are many different pellet stove vacuums available. Each of these vacuums varies in terms of their power and efficiency, though most of them are better than regular vacuums when it comes to how well they work on the kind of ash that is produced by pellet stoves.
  • Some vacuums are actually unable to pick up the ash that pellet stoves leave behind, so they will not be of very much use to you. The best thing that anyone who is looking for one of these vacuums can do is to go online and do as much research as possible before making a final decision of any kind. The suctioning power is really want you want to look for when going about buying a new pellet stove vacuum. You will find that most of the vacuums which have been designed specifically for picking up ash left behind by these stoves are more powerful when it comes to their suctioning ability than most regular vacuums are.
  • A pellet stove vacuum also usually has a flame-resistant hose which is crucial because you are dealing with a stove after all. Safety is key when you are vacuuming out ash in a stove, which is precisely why it is extremely important to choose a vacuum that comes with these sorts of features which you will not find with most ordinary household vacuums. Most regular vacuums are meant for picking up light dirt and small debris on the floor but not the kind of thick ash that is left in a pellet stove.

The metal construction of pellet stove vacuums is another feature which you will not find with most regular vacuums. Because these pellet stove vacuums have flame-resistant components, you will never have to worry about any part catching fire while you are doing this type of cleaning. You can also use many of the pellet stove vacuums that are on the market for other similar things such as fireplaces, barbeques, and even wood floors. It is this type of versatility and efficiency that makes pellet stove vacuums superior to regular ones in so many ways. Those who need a vacuum to clean out their pellet stove will not want to settle for just any of them.

Wood Vs Pellet Stove

Comparing a wood vs pellet stove is a good idea if you have been thinking about alternatives to gas-fired energy sources. Both of these stoves have positive and negative aspects, and you will want to know what they are, so you can make an educated choice as to which would be best for you. Not everyone has the same standards with regards to heating in the home. What is right for you may not be what someone else wants for their home. You have to take into consideration your own specific needs and requirements when looking at all the facts for these two types of stoves.

  • Wood-burning stoves, while they can certainly keep you warm and fire up with a decent amount of heat, can be expensive in the long-term. Considering all of the effort and money you have to put into loading wood into the stove to get the fire going, it may not be worth it for some. If however you have a large stockpile of wood lying around and don’t mind putting it in each time you want to heat your home, then it may be right for you. Wood-burning stoves have been around for a long time and continue to be used by people all across the country.
  • Pellet stoves are a little bit different in the way they work. They can be great for heating a home, however the heat that is emitted from the stove usually only keeps a smaller area warm. This does depend however on the size of the stove and how much heat it can produce at once. Some stoves have the capacity to produce a great amount of heat at one time while others simply do not. You will want to look around and think carefully about the kind of stove you want.
  • One thing that you will appreciate about pellet stoves is that unlike those which work off burning wood, they are less expensive. Although you should have a decent amount of pellets on-hand just in case, most of these stoves don’t require you to refill them constantly. You are probably safe with purchasing a 40 pound bag of pellets for part of the season. It will last you at least a couple weeks of regular use, so you won’t have to keep going back and forth to the store to get more all the time.

Everything considered, each of these stoves are a great addition to a home that need a new heating source. While wood-burning stoves are more expensive, they do tend to produce more heat that get distributed throughout the house. Pellet stoves are generally inexpensive and easy to maintain, however the heat given off by them only reaches a limited area. In the wood vs pellet stove debate, the answer lies in your own preferences, so think carefully before making a serious decision on one. Doing this will save you from wasted time and money, so in the end you will be able to get what you want without going to the trouble of trying to return what you bought in the first place.

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