Deep Fried Fuel DVD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost?

A. It only cost $632.89 to convert the vehicle we used in “Deep Fried Fuel” to run off of FREE waste vegetable oil. Your cost may vary, but it is still a lot less then the $1,500-$3,000 kits that are currently available on the market.

Q. Can you really make fuel for your car or home heating system?

A. Yes, what you learn in “Deep Fried Fuel” can also be used to convert some diesel fired heating systems.

Q. How safe is vegetable oil for your engine?

A. As far as vegetable oil is concerned, as long as you clean it properly, vegetable oil has been proven by some sources to be BETTER for your engine then pump diesel. In fact, the original diesel engine was created to run off of vegetable oil!!!

Q. Can you tell me more about the “Deep Fried Fuel ” video?

A. It is approximately 146 minutes long, NTSC format, and contains the following chapters

1. Diesel/Vegetable Oil Basics
2. BioDiesel or Vegetable Oil
3. What type of oil should you use?
4. How It Works
5. Assessing Your Vehicle
6. Diesel Filter Move
7. Assessing The Coolant System
8. Fuel Lines and Fuel Tanks
9. Tank Types
10. Tank Placement
11. Modifying your new fuel tank
12. Installing the tank
13. Installing our Vegetable Oil Filter
14. Installing The Second Fuel Pump
15. Connecting The Hoses
16. Hose-In Hose Explained
17. Hose In Hose Construction
18. Running The Vegetable Oil Return Line
19. Making Connections Back At The Tank
20. Tapping Into The Heater Lines
21. Fuel Valves
22. Electrical Connections
23. Gauges and How They Work
24. How To Make Wiring Connections
25. Making Connections and Running Lines
26. Initial Startup
27. Timing Your Purge
28. Using Your New System
29. Cleaning Your Waste Oil
30. Dyno Tests and Final Findings
31. Improvements and Issues
32. How Much Does It All Cost?
33. Final Thoughts
34. Credits

The video was filmed, edited and produced by someone who runs on vegetable oil for himself, not by some huge corporation. It might not be of the best quality, but what it lacks in glamour, it more then makes up for in information and tips.

Q. Isn’t it hard and time consuming to convert your vehicle with a veggie kit?

A. It is actually a simple procedure and most of the time is spent planning. Anyone with basic knowledge of auto repair can do it.

Q. I’m just going to buy a veggie conversion kit, why would I need this video?

A. This video is the perfect addition to a commercially-made veggie conversion kit. It is important to understand what your veggie system will be doing before choosing one that is right for you. For only a small investment, this DVD can help you see which kit is the best for you.

Q. How much does the video cost?

A.A. Get INSTANT DOWNLOAD of Both Videos for $9.99!!