Which Video to Choose?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between these two videos?

A.Home-Brewed BioDiesel” is a guide to chemically converting fresh or waste vegetable oil into biodiesel that can be used in any diesel vehicle. “Deep Fried Fuel” teaches you how to convert your vehicle mechanically to run on fresh or waste vegetable oil. When you create biodiesel, you don’t have to do anything to the vehicle to run it. When you convert the vehicle to run off of vegetable oil, you start the vehicle in diesel, warm up the vegetable oil, and then switch over to vegetable oil mode.

Q. Which Video is best for me?

A. It depends on your strengths. If you are better at things like brewing beer, then I suggest that you try “Home-Brewed Biodiesel“. If you are better at doing car repairs and after-market upgrades, then “Deep Fried Fuel” is best for you. Also, if you make only short trips (not allowing to get your vehicle up to temperature), you might want to go with making biodiesel. If you make a lot of long trips, doing a veggie conversion to your vehicle might be best for you. If you get both DVD’s, then you can effectively run on both biodiesel and vegetable oil, cutting out going to the pump ENTIRELY!!!!

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