Home Brewed Biodiesel DVD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost per gallon?

A. Using “Home-Brewed Biodiesel” it is about $0.95 a gallon to make biodiesel, depending on how much the consumable supplies cost you (not including initial equipment start-up cost).

Q. Can you really make fuel for your car or home heating system?

A. Yes, “Home-Brewed Biodiesel” focuses on making fuel for your diesel-powered vehicle, but the same fuel can be used in diesel-fired heating systems.

Q. How safe is biodiesel or vegetable oil for your engine?

A. Biodiesel is perfectly safe for your diesel-powered engine or diesel-fired heating system, if you make it correctly. You should always test your fuel or have it tested professionally before using large amounts of it. Simple tests are covered in this video.

Q. Can you tell me more about the “Home-Brewed Biodiesel” video?

A. It is approximately 111 minutes long, NTSC format, and contains the following chapters:

BioDiesel Basics


Small fresh vegetable oil batch

Small waste vegetable oil batch

Large waste vegetable oil batch


The video was filmed, edited and produced by someone who makes biodiesel for himself, not by some huge corporation. It might not be of the best quality, but what it lacks in glamour, it more then makes up for in information and tips.

Q. Don’t I have to know a lot of chemistry to make biodiesel?

A. No. You just need to know how to measure liquids and solids accurately and how to perform simple math (multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting).

Q. Isn’t it hard and time consuming to make biodiesel?

A. It is actually a simple procedure and most of the time is spent waiting. It only takes about 48 hours to make and clean a batch (about 2 hours “hands-on” and the rest of the time is spent waiting).

Q. I’m just going to buy a biodiesel processor, why would I need this video?

A. This video is the perfect addition to a commercially-made biodiesel processor. It is important to understand the reaction that takes place when making biodiesel as well as the steps involved. For only a small investment, this DVD can help you make all of your batches right the first time.

Q. Don’t I have to work with dangerous chemicals when making biodiesel?

A. The chemicals used to make biodiesel are only are as dangerous as the user allows them to be. When used correctly, and with proper safety gear, the biodiesel conversion process is very safe and simple.

Q. What is the biodiesel process like?

A. It is a mixture of cooking and a little bit of chemistry. It is very similar to making home-made beer.

Q. How much does the video cost?

A. Get INSTANT DOWNLOAD of Both Videos for $9.99!!