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An Introduction To The Electric Bike

If you run errands or travel a distance of 8mph to 25 mph daily, an electric bike may be of great value. Also known as an e-bike or electric-assist bike, this quiet, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation has a number of advantages. For example, it can remove a lot of the hassle and expenses people face when they frequently conduct business close to home.

Plus, for those who already travel around on a bike, it makes pedaling a lot less strenuous. Additionally, most are built to accommodate a small trailer, or enclosed cargo carrier. Once attached  to a cargo carrier, it transforms into a great alternative to a car.

How does an Electric Bike Work?

Electric bikes work by delivering electricity to the pedal of the bike to make traveling faster and easier. The power the pedals receive can also eliminate the need for pedaling all together. Each bike is fitted with a motor that works off rechargeable batteries, and relies on power either from its handlebars or pedal. They can be charged with a regular home wall outlet, and can give up to 8 hours after each charge

Bikes that get their power from their handlebars are referred to as “power on demand” bikes. The power comes from a throttle on the bar, and the bike is outfitted with power control settings. Users of this bike do not have to pedal although, they can get more speed by doing so.

The second option is referred to as “ped elec” bikes because they rely on the pedaling of the rider. The power that the rider exerts influences the level of electrical power the pedal received. The electricity generated allows the rider to put less effort into it than a manual one requires.

The best part is, with either types, the electric bike continues to move if the power source is not activated (no use of throttle or pedaling). Some bikes are also built to cater to persons who need them for mountain climbing, these offer more power and acceleration by routing power through the bike’s gears.

Types of E-Bikes

There are adaptive bikes, which refers to those that are built then the drive system added. Kits also make it possible to modify a standard bike. Electric bikes that are built and sold as is are referred to as ‘purpose-built’. These tend to carry more power, are more expensive, and tend to carry extra features.

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